Scrub till you glow….

Clay mask products & skin treatments

We all believe as we have been told and sold the story of our skin is covered by dead, useless cells that make the skin look dull, clog up the follicles that creates black heads We believe that by scrubbing them away three times a week with rough, granular substances, will make  skin bright and fresh again.Dead wrong.

Here’s the reality check, these “yucky dead skin cells “ are the mature functional cells of the skin. We have them there for a very good reason. I too know the feeling of freshly scrubbed skin .It feels moisturised and glowing, but the ugly truth is that you have exposed immature cells to pollution, rays and oxygen long before nature intended or equipped them to cope with these hazards. The cells are left vulnerable and shocked by this exposure and cannot perform or function to protect because they themselves require protection from the mature cells that have now been scrubbed away. Hydration will be lost through these vital cells while they try to adapt to this sudden harsh environment. After a few days, the skin will feel dry and the surface will be dull and lacklustre. Our minds will remember how good the skin looked immediately after the last exfoliation, so we repeat the exfoliation and remove these offending “yucky dead skin cells “ again and again and again and again and…… Ok you get my drift .

So the cycle of damage goes on!

Scrubbing your skin with abrasive exfoliators will in the longer term, have the exact opposite affect on your skin than than expected .

It actually creates the very skin you are trying to avoid;

prematurely aged, dry, dull and even cancerous.

Remember that layer aka the stratum corneum, or horny layer, is only two-hundredths of a millimetre thin , so it is easily removed. A simple scratch on the skin surface may remove almost all of it! It is crazy how fragile this layer is, and yet the health of our skin is totally dependant on it.