Cancellation policy

If you must cancel your appointment please note any cancellation made inside  the 72 hours required of the scheduled appointment,you will forfeit the $200 booking fee. if you are cancelling any other treatments we will hold your $100 deposit. If you cancel your tattoo appointment within 72 hours we will hold your booking fee to reschedule. For any tattoo cancellations outside this period we will refund your deposit and hold a $50 admin and processing fee.

Booking Fee 
All new tattoo appointments will require a $200 non refundable booking fee that will come off the total price on the day. For all other appointments we will require a non refundable $100 booking fee.

                                                                 No refunds are given under any circumstances.

Children policy
For health and safty practices we kindly ask that you please do not bring your children to appointments without discussing this with us prior. As this is clinical procedure we have items that may harm a child when left unattended.Our priority is your children’s safety and we appreciate your consideration in honoring this policy.


Reschedule policy
Please also note if you reschedule more than twice we will require a 100% upfront deposit upon booking.