An innovative and progressive skin treatment methodology that has proven it is possible to achieve a healthy skin with an optimally functioning innate immune system by preventing or reducing structural inflammation. 

Corneotherapy is achieved by using preventative interventions that are primarily directed to correction and restoration of the stratum corneum and barrier defence systems.  This approach leads to homeostasis and the improved function of the entire integument; protecting against harmful substances and microorganisms, while keeping the epidermis intact at all times.

By using methodologies that are primarily directed to correcting and building skin barrier defenses that have been rendered defective or impaired by disease, or intrinsic and extrinsic factors; corneotherapy is the individualized skin care and clinical treatment methodology of the future, as it can be perfectly adapted to the specific needs of skin.

This approach makes the methodology of Corneotherapy the primary preventive measure against skin-ageing conditions and skin barrier disorders such as EFAD, Xerosis, Itchyosis, and Eczema.

One of the major advantages of Corneotherapy is that it is largely free of side effects in comparison with a treatment with topical pharmaceuticals. Preventively applied Corneotherapy may extend the intervals between flare-ups and reduce or even avoid the application of conventional dermatics such as steroid or cortisone based creams.

The principles of Corneotherapy can also be applied not just the correction of skin conditions, but for the supportive prevention of skin problems.  The prevention of premature skin aging is an inherent outcome of this approach.

Within the field of anti-aging, there is also the practice of “extended Corneotherapy” where the stratum corneum is made more permeable (non-invasively opened) for a limited period of time in order to infuse cosmetic agents such as vitamins and other therapeutic ingredients. This procedure may also induce regenerative processes in the layers below the stratum corneum without affecting the skins barrier defense systems.

The principles of Corneotherapy establish that the formulations applied to treat the skin must be of a particular integrity of composition. They can be basically characterized by the abstinence of  active compounds, (active agent cocktails with a multitude of components)  emulsifiers or consistency agents that require stabilization with antioxidants; emulsifiers that cannot be degraded in the skin, and emulsifiers that are incompatible with the skin barrier or do not correspond to the physiology of the skin.

True Corneotherapy formulations will also be free of surface-active substances that impart a disordered skin barrier and preservatives with allergenic potential; they are free from strong chelating agents; free from ingredients that interfere with the sensitivity (pain receptors) of the skin, and free from perfumes and fragrance.

The prerequisite for any successful Corneotherapy however, is a precise diagnosis of the skin and investigation of the contributing factors to the prevailing conditions, followed by a correlation of the conditions to the appropriate therapeutic compounds to be prescribed. This requires a degree of expertise regarding both the structure of the skin and of skin care products and their components.

“The core philosophy of corneotherapy
is that the integrity of
the stratum corneum
and skin barrier defence systems
are maintained
at all times”


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